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Hebrew at Stanford

As the language of the Bible, of religious life and thought, and now a language of everyday life and literature in Israel, Hebrew is at the heart of Jewish Studies. 

Stanford offers a wide range of courses and programs meant to expose students to the Hebrew language and to the various kinds of literature that are written in it, and to empower them to use it in written and oral expression.

Offerings include first year biblical Hebrew, four levels of Modern Hebrew, and annual undergraduate/ graduate level seminars on Hebrew literature in translation and in the original. Students can also choose to minor in Middle Eastern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, learning about Hebrew in the context of the politics, literatures, and cultures of the Middle East. All classes include ample opportunities to meet faculty, authors, and public figures from Israel and to immerse oneself in Hebrew-related language and culture through our special online program.

The Stanford at Hebrew program is also the home of Dibur, a peer-reviewed academic journal that has inspired conferences and workshops at Stanford and in Israel. 

For more information, see this website.