Education and Jewish Studies

The Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies (EDJS) at the Stanford School of Education, directed by Ari Y. Kelman, the Jim Joseph Professor in Education and Jewish Studies, is a home for the creation and enhancement of research that spans the social sciences, humanities, and education. We welcome interest from students and academic partners who link theory and practice, who are methodologically and conceptually creative, and who are interested in contributing to the growing body of scholarship at the intersection of Education and Jewish Studies.

The study of Education focuses on the diversity of ways in which people learn, from the cognitive to the cultural, and from classrooms and curricula to popular culture and social networks. Similarly, Jewish Studies investigates the varieties of Jewish experiences historically, transnationally, and in conversation with social formations like race, class, gender, sexuality, and religion. EDJS is a vibrant scholarly home for students and scholars interested in better understanding how these two fields of study overlap, interact, and mutually inform one another.

Generously supported by a gift from the Jim Joseph Foundation, EDJS promotes rigorous research and creative scholarly exploration. 

We invite anyone curious about the PhD Concentration, wanting to explore the possibilities of collaborating on projects, to:


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  • OR send an email to: stanfordedjs [at] (stanfordedjs[at]stanford[dot]edu)