Shirley Yarin

Graduation Year

"My work is a collection of short stories written in Hebrew that relate to the theme of endings. The pieces are written in different genres: some are inspired by poetry and others by my childhood experiences growing up in Israel. All the stories were written for the Hebrew forum class taught by Professor Vered Karti Shemtov in Winter quarter." -Shirley Yarin, 2015

She is a senior majoring in economics with a minor in math. On campus, she is a part of a group called Flying Treehouse, which is a children's theater group that teaches creative writing workshops to local 2nd and 3rd graders and then adapts and performs their stories. She is also involved in the Jewish community at Hillel. Next year, she will be working in Chicago and plans to return to graduate school to continue her studies in economics. 

She received the Koret Award for Best Essay Written in Hebrew in 2015 for her essay  "Short Stories about Endings” written for Prof. Vered Shemtov's class.