Adrian Feinberg

Graduation Year
Awards Won:
The Dr. Bernard Kaufman Undergraduate Research Award in Jewish Studies
Award Years:

Adrian Feinberg '25 is a rising sophomore from Berkeley, CA double-majoring in International Relations and Art History.

With the Dr. Bernard Kaufman Award, I will research the influence of Holocaust and Bosnian Genocide narratives on contemporary relations between Jews and Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While I am in Sarajevo for two months this summer, I aim to explore the ways in which the historical vocabulary of the Holocaust has shaped Bosniaks’ conception of their own genocide during the Bosnian war. Moreover, I will ground this exploration in larger questions about how shared and distinct experiences of genocide have seeded cohesion and/or tension between Jews and Bosniaks. I will focus my research on the confluence of these two experiences in the widespread organizational efforts to both improve interethnic relations and honor collective memory throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.