Funding Opportunities

The Taube Center awards graduate fellowships each year, but students cannot apply directly for these fellowships: instead, they should apply for admission directly to the relevant department indicating their interest in Jewish Studies, and the department will forward fellowship nominations to Jewish Studies.

Any Stanford graduate student is eligible for the categories of funding listed below provided the research for which they are seeking support is related to Jewish Studies. Strong preference will be given to students with coursework in Jewish Studies and actively involved in the Center and its Colloquium on Jews, Judaism, and Jewish Culture. Applications should be sent to Associate Director Shaina Hammerman: sjhammer [at] The Center will consider applications on a case-by-case basis. These funds are limited and granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Language Study Grants

Students needing to learn a language for the purposes of research, and unable to study the language as part of their normal course load, may apply for financial aid to support summer language study (or tutoring when a formal language program does not exist). Grants typically range between $1,000-$3,000. Applications should include a 1-page description of the language program or plan of study, how it advances the student's training or scholarly goals, and a detailed budget or description of the cost. Applicants may also be asked for documentation of their participation in the program and a faculty letter affirming the need to study the language.

Grants in Aid of Research

Students needing to travel for research or facing some other research-related expense, may apply for a research grant by submitting a 1-2 page application that describes the research or project and a comprehensive budget that explains any expenses. The application should also include the name of a faculty member who can be contacted for a reference, and applicants may be asked for a reference and/or documentation of their expense. Grants typically range between $500-$1,500.

Conference Participation

Students wishing to deliver a paper at a conference should submit a conference program or letter of invitation, a budget, dates and method of travel, and a cover letter indicating the significance of the conference to your course of study. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the conference. Awards will be limited to a maximum of $600 for travel within North America and $800 for international travel.