Megan McKoy

Megan  McKoy
Graduation Year

"I wrote my essay for Professor Estelle Freedman's Writing in the Major course, which had a focus on Race, Gender, and Sexuality.  I began with a broad topic of Black-Jewish race relations during the Civil Rights Movement.  I eventually narrowed my focus on Black-Jewish intermarriage, as I learned about the numerous Black and Jewish couples that met during the Civil Rights Movement.  Although I previously had studied and had written about social justice causes and Black-Jewish relations, I had never examined the topic on an individual level.  Using a range of primary sources to analyze the lives of Amiri Baraka, Hettie Cohen, Alice Walker, and Melvyn Leventhal allowed me to dig further into Black-Jewish relations." -Megan McKoy

Megan will attend Stanford Law School in Fall 2014 and is interested in criminal law advocacy.

She received the Donald and Robin Kennedy Undergraduate Award in 2014  for her essay "When the Personal Became Political" written for Prof. Estelle Freedman's class.