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Doria Charlson

Doria  Charlson
Graduation Year

"This essay delves into the life and work of Judah Monis, the first Jew to graduate from an American university, who was also the first Jewish professor and the first instructor of Hebrew at Harvard College. Using the context of Christian Hebraism, this essay explores how a Jewish immigrant to the colonies was able to infiltrate a notoriously insular Puritan community and advance the study of the Hebrew language in the New World." -Doria Charlson, 2013

Doria Charlson is a graduating Senior majoring in History and minoring in Theater and Performance Studies, with a concentration in Dance, Class of 2013. She was very involved in the Jewish community as the former President of the Jewish Student Association, the Dance Division, Stanford Associated Religions, and the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. In September, Doria will be moving to Strasbourg, France on a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research on the Jewish community in Alsace.

She received the Donald and Robin Kennedy Undergraduate Award in 2013 for her essay on "Judah Monis and Puritan Hebraism."