Arie Dubnov

Arie  Dubnov
Time of Stay

Arie M. Dubnov is a Senior Lecturer at the School of History at the University of Haifa, Israel. He is the author of Isaiah Berlin: The Journey of a Jewish Liberal (2012), and the editor of Zionism – A View from the Outside (2010 [in Hebrew]), seeking to put Zionist history in a larger comparative trajectory. In addition, Dubnov has published essays in journals such as Nations & Nationalism, Review of Politics, Modern Intellectual History, History of European Ideas, The Journal of Israeli History. Currently, Dubnov is involved in two research projects. The first seeks to trace the genealogy of the idea of partition in the British interwar Imperial context, and to uncover other alternative, neglected federalist political schemes that were circulating at the time. The second, putting Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy and analysis of antisemitism in historical context, examines her writings from the 1940s and 1950s and her unique relationships with Salo W. Baron and the New York intellectuals of that time.