Across Borders: Transnational & Comparative Approaches to the History of Jewish Education

Across Borders: Transnational & Comparative Approaches to the History of Jewish Education
Tue September 14th 2021, 8:45 - 11:45am
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the Concentration in Education & Jewish Studies and the Taube Center for Jewish Studies at Stanford University
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Jews are a diasporic people; therefore, a transnational lens is fruitful when studying the history of Jews, including the history of Jewish education. To date, scholarship on the history of modern Jewish education has been dominated by national frameworks. This conference attempts to expand our understanding of the histories of Jewish education by focusing on the trends, networks, curriculum, educational materials, the infrastructure/institutions, and forces that shaped the education of Jews across nations, empires, oceans, and continents. The conference will bring together scholars who apply transnational and comparative approaches to the history of Jewish education during the modern era.

The questions that will guide this conference include:

To what extent are historical studies of Jewish education inherently transnational projects?

What new insights can we gain by applying transnational and comparative lenses to the history of Jewish education? What are the benefits? What are the potential pitfalls?

What can a comparative and transnational study of Jewish education tell us about Jewish identity formation and integration?

How does the international dimension inform local examples?

What are effective ways of conducting transnational and comparative studies of Jewish education? What types of skills and knowledge do scholars need to conduct this type of research?

What can we learn about Jewish education by looking at it transnationally?


SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

8:45AM- 9:00AM PDT
Welcoming Remarks from Conference Organizers:

Ari Y. Kelman, Stanford University

Daniela R. P. Weiner, Stanford University

Daniella Farah, Rice University

9:00AM- 10:15AM PDT
Panel 1: Institutions and Infrastructure

Chair: Emily Levine, Stanford University


Sasha Goldstein-Sabbah, University of Groningen

Anna Sommer Schneider, Georgetown University

Jason Lustig, University of Texas at Austin

10:30AM- 11:45AM PDT
Panel 2: Transnational Jewish School Networks

Chair: Frances Malino, Wellesley College


Daniella Farah, Rice University

Jonathan Sciarcon, University of Denver

Yossi J. Goldstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

8:45AM- 10:00AM PDT
Panel 3: Transnational Curriculum / Educational Materials

Chair: Laura Yares, Michigan State University


Daniela R. P. Weiner, Stanford University

Hilary Falb Kalisman, University of Colorado Boulder 

Nicole Freeman, The Ohio State University

10:15AM- 11:15AM PDT
Concluding Discussion
Facilitator: Aron Rodrigue, Stanford University

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