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Undergraduate Students

For those seeking to learn more about the Jews, Jewish history, Israeli culture, the Hebrew language, Yiddish, the Bible, the Talmud, and the many other subjects that constitute Jewish Studies, the Taube Center offers a major and minor through CSRE. Still not sure or just interested in a specific topic? Take an individual course with leading scholars in the field.

Graduate students

Graduate Community

Stanford is a leading center for the training of the next generation of scholars and intellectual leaders in the field of Jewish Studies at prestigious universities throughout the country. Stanford is especially strong in the fields of modern Jewish history, literary studies (Hebrew, German-Jewish literature, Russian and East European Jewish literature), Sephardic Studies, and Rabbinics. Its Education School now offers a concentration in Education and Jewish Studies for students interested in doing research at the intersection of these fields.

Prospective students wishing to pursue a masters or doctoral degree in Jewish Studies at Stanford University should seek information and apply for admission through the relevant department (History, Religious Studies, Comparative Literature, etc).

Photo taken by Ilana Horwitz

Visiting Scholar Program

The core mission of the Taube Center for Jewish Studies is to promote scholarship in Jewish Studies, a mission that includes the welcoming of visiting scholars with expertise in various aspects of Jewish Studies. The center seeks to provide a supportive context for scholars from other universities and institutions seeking to do Jewish Studies related research at Stanford.