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Charlotte Fonrobert

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Department of Religious Studies
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Department of Religious Studies

  • Re-Placing the Nation: Judaism, Diaspora and the Politics of Neighborhood (book manuscript in preparation)
  • Introduction to the Talmud (Cambridge University Press), under contract as part of their series on the great texts of the world’s religions
  • Commentary on Tractate Eruvin, volume to be published with Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, as part of a multi-volume Feminist Commentary to the Talmud, to be edited by Tal Ilan and underwritten by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)

Books and Edited Volumes:

Menstrual Purity: Rabbinic and Christian Reconstructions of Biblical Gender (Stanford University Press 2000, paperback 2001), Winner of the Salo Baron Wittmayer. Prize for a Best First Book in Jewish Studies, 2000; Finalist of the National Jewish Book Award, Category: Jewish Scholarship, 2000 (paperback version 2001)

Jewish Conceptions and Practice of Space, ed. and intr. with Vered Shemtov, special edition of Jewish Social Studies 11:3 (Spring/ Summer 2005)

Cambridge Companion to Rabbinic Literature, ed. and intr. with Martin Jaffee (Cambridge University Press, May 2007)

Jacob Taubes, From Cult to Culture, ed., trsl. and preface with Amir Engel (Stanford University Press, January 2010)

Articles in Referred Journals:

“Gynecological Exams in Rabbinic Literature - Women's Bodies Between Female Autonomy and Male Control,” JAGNES 4:2, Fall 1993, pp.65-72

“When the Rabbi Weeps: On Reading Gender in Talmudic Aggadah,” in Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues 4 (Fall 2001), pp.56-84

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“When Women Walk in the Ways of Their Fathers: On Gendering the Rabbinic Claim for Authority,” in Journal of the History of Sexuality 10: 3/4 (Winter 2001)

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“On Carnal Israel and the Consequences: Talmudic Studies Since Foucault,” Jewish Quarterly Review 95:3 (Summer 2005), pp.462-469

“Plato in Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai’s Cave (bShabbat 33b-34a): The Talmudic Inversion of Plato’s Politics,” AJS Review 31:2 (Fall 2007), pp.277-296

“Blood and Law: Uterine Fluids and Rabbinic Maps of Identity,” Henoch 30:2 (2008) (special issue devoted to the topic of Blood) edited by Raanan Boustan and Annette Yoshiko Reed)

“Neighborhood as Ritual Space: The Case of the Rabbinic Eruv,” for Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 10 (2008), pp.239-258 (as part of a group of papers on domestic and   public spaces for ritual in Late Antiquity)

“Une Cartographie Symbolique: le eruv en Diaspora,” Cahiers du Judaisme 25:26-27 ( 2009)

Chapters in Books/Anthologies:

“Paul, How Can We Understand Him? How Do We Understand Our Understanding?” in Paul the Jew: Jewish/ Christian Dialogue, ed. by Wilhelm Wuellner and Haim Perelmuter, Center for Hermeneutical Studies 60, 1990, pp.48-53

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Encyclopedia Articles:

“Abomination,” “Androginos,” “Blasphemy,” “Blood” in Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, April 2009)

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Post-Biblical Literary Commentary on select Torah Portions (“Tazria,” “Metzora,” “Bechukotai,” “Re’eh”), 750 words each, for Women’s Torah Commentary (New York: URJ Press, 2007)

Jewish Mosaic, Torah Queeries Commentary, “Va-yikra”(NYU Press, 2009)