"TIME-BODY STUDY / Performative Experiment" with Daniel Landau

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 7:30pm

Time-Body Study is a performative experiment created by media artist and researcher Daniel Landau exploring the boundaries of body, identity and self using virtual reality technology. This live event includes a lecture and demonstration of an experiment where a participant, wearing a virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD), is re-embodied in the body of a 7, 40 and 80 year old person.

Inspired by the classic Rubber Hand Illusion (Botvinick & Cohen 1998) and the work of Prof. Mel Slater (Barcelona University), The Time-Body Study creates the re-embodiment illusion by having a participant see his virtual hands being touched in the virtual space while, simultaneously and in perfect sync, his real hands are being touched, by a live performer. Both Botvinick and Slater’s experiments used this mechanism to demonstrate how easy it is to manipulate our body representation so that a subject can experience a rubber or virtual hand as his own. In Time-Body Study Daniel Landau adds narrative layers to the re-embodiment experience in an attempt to explore this cognitive mechanism on an emotional level. The audience get to see both the participant’s view of the virtual body (projected onto a large screen) and the live performer’s interactions.  This gives the audience a unique view of the experiment demonstrating how the human body is effectively an evolving medium subjected to it’s technological environment. 


Filmed actress: Ruti Tamir | Light: Nadav Barnea

Art: Shai Govhari | Producer: Shahar Marcus

Produced with the support of:

Print-Screen Festival, Kelim - Choreography Center,  The Advanced Realty Lab,

IDC Herzliya and the oh-man, oh-machine Research Group

Location: CCRMA Stage