Course List: 2015-2016

Course numberDeptQuarterFaculty/
JEWISHST 86SHISTORYAutMeyers, J. Zionism Considered: Jewish Thinkers and the Quest for a Jewish Home
JEWISHST 127D/227DRELIGSTAutFonrobert, C. Readings in Talmudic Literature
JEWISHST 132SOCIOLOGYAutMaron, A.Between Nation-Building and Liberalization: The Welfare State in Israel
JEWISHST 237IPSAutCarmon, A.Religion and Politics: A Threat to Democracy?
JEWISHST 385AHISTORYAutRodrigue, A.Core Colloquium in Jewish History, 17th-19th Centuries
JEWISHST 101AAME-LANGAutElbaz, E.First-Year Hebrew, First Quarter
JEWISHST 102AAME-LANGAutPorat, G. Second-Year Hebrew, First Quarter
JEWISHST 104AAME-LANGAutLevitow, J.First-Year Yiddish, First Quarter
JEWISHST 37QCOMPLITWinBerman, R.Zionism and the Novel
JEWISHST 38A/138AHISTORYWinSheffer, E.Germany and the World Wars
JEWISHST 85B/185BHISTORYWinZipperstien, S.Jews in the Contemporary World: Faith and Ethnicity, Visibility and Vulnerability
JEWISHST 106AME-LANGWinShemtov, V. Reflection on the Other: The Jew and the Arab in Literature
JEWISHST 144BCOMPLITWinEshel, A.Poetic Thinking Across Media
JEWISHST 242FRENCHWinUlloa, M. Beyond Casablanca: North African Cinema and Literature
JEWISHST 284C/384CHISTORYWinPatenaude, B. Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention
JEWISHST 287S/481HISTORYWinYaycioglu, A.Research Seminar in Middle East History
JEWISHST 288/388HISTORYWinBeinin, J. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
JEWISHST 385BHISTORYWinZipperstein, S. Core in Jewish History, 20th Century
JEWISHST 5CLASSICSWinMacDonald, C. Biblical Greek
JEWISHST 101BAME-LANGWinElbaz, E.First-Year Hebrew, Second Quarter
JEWISHST 102BAME-LANGWinShemtov, V.; Olidort, S.Second-Year Hebrew, Second Quarter
JEWISHST 104AME-LANGWinShemtov, V.Hebrew Forum
JEWISHST 104BAME-LANGWinLevitow, J.First-Year Yiddish, Second Quarter
JEWISHST 107BAME-LANGWinPorat, G.Biblical Hebrew
JEWISHST 17NHISTORYSprZipperstein, S. Intimacy, Secrets and the Past: Biography in History and Fiction
JEWISHST 71RELIGSTSprFonrobert, C.; Gross, S. Jews and Christians: Conflict and Coexistence
JEWISHST 127D/227DRELIGSTSprFonrobert, C. Readings in Talmudic Literature
JEWISHST 132DSOCIOLOGYSprHorowitz, A.Sociology of Jewishness
JEWISHST 143FRENCHSprUlloa, M. Literature and Society in Africa and the Caribbean
JEWISHST 155DENGLISHSprRuttenberg, N.Jewish American Literature
JEWISHST 221D/321DRELIGSTSprFonrobert, C.; Gross, S. Readings in Syriac Literature
JEWISHST 243COMPLITSprShemtov, V. Masterpieces of Hebrew Literature from the Bible to the Present
JEWISHST 275DPOLISCISprIsh-Shalom, P.Special Topics: Dilemmas of Democracy and Security in Israel and the Middle East
JEWISHST 286/386HISTORYSprRodrigue, A.Jews Among Muslims in Modern Times
JEWISHST 486AHISTORYSprRodrigue, A.Graduate Research Seminar in Jewish History
JEWISHST 5BCLASSICSWinMelo Arias, S. Biblical Greek
JEWISHST 101CAME-LANGSprElbaz, E.; Shemtov, V.First-Year Hebrew, Third Quarter
JEWISHST 102CAME-LANGSprOlidort, S.Second-Year Hebrew, Third Quarter
JEWISHST 104CAME-LANGSprLevitow, J.First-Year Yiddish, Third Quarter

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